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887va or 867VAE-K9

Trying to choose between

867VAE-K9 and 887va for VDSL2+ and a 2nd WAN (cable) for redundancy backup.

Any thoughts?

Do they support HTTP proxy (upstream proxy)?

Would they work as a pass-through modem?

Would they accept a line from a pass-through modem (2nd WAN)?

Would they balance 2 WANs or can do redundancy (one at a time - with auto fail-over) only?

What about the OS versions/upgrade releases for them?

Any QoS differences?

Maybe it is batter to go 2900 series with relevant interface cards?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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887va or 867VAE-K9


There are two WAN ports in the 867VAE-K9 , one is layer 3 GE  and other is VDSL/ADSL over the pots.

You can use those as primary and back up and can alse be used as a load balancing over the two providers.

Since GE can be used for ethernet handoff connections like (cable) and other port can be used as ADSL/VDSL line over the POTS and it has an ATM connectivity.

for load balancing over you should have to use a route map and match the interface and access-list which needs to be permit and can PAT over it.

Best example is given in the following doc:-

Since 887VA only supports VDSL/ADSL on a single termination so it will be hard to achcieve redundancy/load balancing.

Cisco 887VA


Multimode VDSL2/ADSL2/2+ over basic telephone service


4-port 10/100-Mbps managed switch


Yes (Cisco 887VAW)


Yes (Cisco 887VAG)



In the 887 You can create a SVI and make switch interface as routed ;however this is not a suggested method for ethernet termination.

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887va or 867VAE-K9

So how come that

states the following (that would mean no load balancing):

"The Cisco 866VAE, 867VAE, 866VAE-K9, and 867VAE-K9 routers each have two WAN ports. Only one

of the two ports can be active at any given time."


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887va or 867VAE-K9

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