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887VA Router VLAN limitations

I'm configuring an 887VA router's fastethernet0 interface.  What I want to do is trunk all VLAN's from this router to a cisco 2960 switch (or any other access layer switch really).

I'm seeing that there's a limitation on this 887VA of only being able to have 8 VLAN's configured locally on this device which is a little bit of an issue but I can probably work around this.  I've got 7 VLAN's I need to trunk and I'd like to set 999 as my native and shutdown (which would be 8 VLAN's) and then VLAN 1 which can't be removed (which would be 9 VLAN's).

Realistically I can probably not even use VLAN 999  which would get me to the 8 VLAN limit.

Leaving me with the following VLAN's I need to trunk:









There are 2 issues I'm running into which is the following:


router# show vlans


No Virtual LANs configured.


Even though I have those VLAN's configured in the router.  I've also configured SVI's for each of those VLAN's so I'm not sure why I see them.

If I do a "show vlan-switch" I see those VLAN's in the list as active status though ??


Issue # 2 is the following:


router(config)# interface fa0

router(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan 2100

Command rejected: Bad VLAN allowed list. You have to include all default vlans, e.g. 1-2,1002-1005. 


I should also state my port configuration for fa0:

switchport trunk native vlan 999

switchport mode trunk

no ip address

I'm not sure why I can't just create a simple trunk port.  I've also tried to apply the command "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q".  The router gives no feedback and it looks like it takes the command but after a "show run int fa0"  it does not show up in the list of commands.

I could not find any example configurations anywhere for the 887VA.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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switchport trunk

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

This command ain't supported/accepted because the 4-port switch is a dumb down version of a 2960.

To enable the trunk you just need "switchport mode trunk" and that's it.


As to your VLANs, the system won't support VLANs 1002 and above.  Like I said, it's a "dumb down" 2960 switch chip.  

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Yikes so there is no ability

Yikes so there is no ability whatsoever to trunk over VLANs higher than 1002 ?  

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Depends on your IOS.


I've got 890 and I have a number of them running VLANs numbers 2000.

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Ok yeah right now this 887VA

Ok yeah right now this 887VA came with:



I tried updating it to use: c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.153.3.M4.bin


however it wouldn't even take it.  It refused to boot so luckily I was able to use the USB port to re-load using the original IOS version.

When I look up on Cisco's software support to download new IOS versions, I don't see anything that has a "c880" of anything else.  I couldn't even find the IOS version that it came with on that site.

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Firmware can be found HERE.

Firmware can be found HERE.  The file you've used, is invalid or is NOT for the 887VA.

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