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891W unable to use Config Pro to manage internal AP from outside

Hello all,

I have a 891W installed and otherwise working fine.  I use Configuration Pro 2.7 to manage the device from outside the network.  Everything works as adverstied except that I cannot manage the internal AP.  When I click on Wireless under Interface Management, I get a box that pops up and says it is trying to connect to the internal ap and then it comes back and says that "wireless functionality is unavailable".  When I try to use CCPExpress, it doesn't work either.  Clicking on Wifi in CCPExpress brings up a page with a link to open in another tab and a box that says "operation timed out".  Clicking the link to open in another tab attempts to connect to the ap using its internal address (understandably, this doesn't work).

My main questions are:  Is it even possible to manage the internal AP from outside the network using Config Pro? If so, why doesn't it work?

Here are more details:

Connection Diagram:

Internet (Comcast cable)


Netgear CG3000DCR (Comcast provided modem/router)


891W (gig0 port)

No configuration was done to the netgear box and the 891W gig0 has a public IP and all other funtionality within CCP works.

Configurations of the router and ap are attached.

My thoughts are:

1.  Possible firewall issue on the 891W blocking access to the internal BVI interface on the AP

2.  This simply doesn't work trying to manage the AP from the internet

3.  The netgear box is getting in the way somehow

Again, everything else in this setup works as intended and I can manage the router itself just fine from the internet.  I can even ssh to the router and launch a console session into the ap with service-module.  As a workaround, I'm remoting into an internal host and managing the AP using it's internal IP and builtin web interface, but I'd like to be able to manage it with Config Pro.



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