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Abnormal Slowness in Branch Network....

hi all ,

I am experiencing abnormal slowness in my branch network. They are having 2M Links.
I did the following troubleshooting.

1) Ping to next hop (ISP PE Router) from my branch office,
    I couldn't realize any packet drop. If I send 1000 Packets , success rate is 1000.

2) Configure Net Flow and analyze through solar winds real time net flow analyzer
    I couldn't see that much of traffic and still ping latency is much higher and varying
    Nearly around 800-900 ms

3) Configured IP Top Talkers and couldn't figure out high traffic originator


But still I'm experiencing huge latency when I put a ping to branch PC from my head office PC
In addition , branch users claim that they are experiencing high slowness when they accessing
various systems

How can I troubleshoot this and what should I done to solve this issue ?

I really appreciate your highly expertise experience in this kind of situation


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Is the slowness happening

Is the slowness happening during office hours or outside office hours? 


Can you post the output to the command "sh interface <WAN link>"?


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hi ,Thanks for your reply. I

hi ,

Thanks for your reply. I encountered this in office hours,


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What router model is this?

What router model is this?  No line errors.  


When you took this output, was there slowness in the network?

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hi,It is Cisco 1841 model.


It is Cisco 1841 model. Still End user experiencing abnormal delay when browsing the internet and viewing mails. I herewith attached a


New Member

hi all, Thanks a lot for all

hi all,


Thanks a lot for all your responses, I herewith attached the path ping output from branch PC to Head Office Server.

Where should the Link problem exists ?

a) A-B

2) B-C

3) C-D

4) D-E

5) E-F

6) F-G

Please guide me ?


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hi all,I have some problem

hi all,

I have some problem with my Branch Network. Branch users experiencing abnormal delay
when accessing HQ server farm servers.

I need to figure out where the problem exist and MPLS nework out of our scope.
Hence we need to ensure problem exists with the MPLS Network or Our Network.

1. I need to figure our where the packet lost exists ?
2. What configuration I sould do in HQ and Branch Edge Routers ?
3. Is the PRTG best suite for this ?

Thanks all for your opinions and views.


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Likely, branch "slowness" coincides with high latencies, 800+ is pretty darn high.

What you might try, off hours, is a traffic generator and see if you can push each link to 2 Mbps.  At about exactly 2 Mbps, without other traffic, you shouldn't see latency.

Then try 2.1 Mbps, you should then see drops and/or latency.

The foregoing will confirm whether link performance is as expected.  If not, then you should discuss with your ISP.

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You say you didn't loose any

You say you didn't loose any packets pinging the PER but was the latency that horrible pinging the provider edge router from the branch router or was that latency observed when you ping something from branch to say your corporate head end site ?

Later in your post you say latency from head office to branch is horrible but I think it'd be useful to break the latency down hop by hop. Have you tried a traceroute from say your desk to a device at the branch maybe the loopback or inside ethernet interface ?

What is the latency from your head end router to it's PER ?

If that is the latency on the link to the provider I'd have some strong words with them, YMMV :-)

When you do a show interface of the link to the ISP PER what is the transmit and receive load (x/255) ?

If the 1841 will let you I'd set the load-interval on that interface to a short time period say 30 seconds during troubleshooting.


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