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Access AAA server on external network

Hi there,

I'm a bit stuck with an issue on an ASA 5505. Basically I'd like to set up RADIUS auth for a VPN, but the AAA server resides on the internet on a public ip such as

Internally, there's another router with two ISPs connected into it, each with 4 public IPs. The router does NAT and provides an internal network

The Cisco ASA has the interfaces configured as follows:

outside -> (connected to the router, and using a few ips of that network for network translation purposes of machines on the internal network)

inside -> (where all the clients are)

guests ->

Now, if I set up the AAA server on interface outside, and the IP above, it won't be reachable, as confirmed by the packet tracer. I tried a lot of things, adding static routes, static nat rules, but nothing seems to work, and I'm sure I'm missing something really basic.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Access AAA server on external network

The description of the issue isn't very clear. Perhaps you could rephrase it? A diagram may also help.

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