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Access denied while using SSH to Cisco 877

I normally use Telnet to connect to my Cisco 877. The firmware on it is 12.4.

I configured ssh by setting host and domain names, generating RSA keys and created users.

show ssh:

%No SSHv2 server connections running

%No SSHv1 server connections running

I then open a PuTTY session to it using SSH and the show ssh now displays:

Connection Version Mode Encryption  Hmac         State                 Username
1          2.0     IN   aes256-cbc  hmac-sha1    Keys exchanged        -
1          2.0     OUT  aes256-cbc  hmac-sha1    Keys exchanged        -


On the PuTTY screen, I get the welcome banner and the 'login as:' prompt.

I type in the user-id and get a password prompt.

However, entering the password gives me a 'Access denied' message and repeats the password prompt.

The same userid can be used to sign in to ASDM.

What could it be?

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VIP Purple

there could be something

(and now with new formatting ... ;-) )

there could be something wrong with your AAA-config. You don't show what you have configured, but a working AAA-config could look like the following:

aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default local


aaa new-model

aaa authentication login VTY-AUTH local ! VTY-AUTH is just a name


line vty 0 4

  login authentication VTY-AUTH

That you can login with that user to ASDM is not relevant as ASDM is ASA and here you are talking abaout an IOS-router.

VIP Purple

oh, replying on the iPad

oh, replying on the iPad completely breaks every formatting. I'l reformat that later ...
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