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Access through a firewall


We've got a LAN site with a BorderManager server that has got two cards (one with a public address, one with private). The public card goes into a DMZ (Nortel switch - sorry!) and the private into another Nortel switch inside of the firewall. I can connect to all devices inside the firewall but nothing in the firewall or beyond.

All I've added onto the config is

IP route 172.x.x.x Class C (this is the private card of Border Manager)

Am I missing something fundamental? Any suggestions gratefully received!




Re: Access through a firewall

Your description of the topology is not really clear. Check what is the default gateway of your machines, is it the default manager?

Do a trace from the machines and see where do they exit etc...

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Re: Access through a firewall

Check the following assumptions:

1. clients have a default gateway.

2. the Border manager has a default gateway

3. NAT is set up to nat the private address to public (do you need a static address?)

4. If the inside network and the Border manager box are both using private ranges, I'd recommend not NATting between the two private networks to simplify your rules (it's much more complicated to keep track of the fact that traffic would be NATted twice - once from inside to DMZ and again from DMZ to outside.)

Temporarily, write some ACLS that permit ICMP to function and then check ping functionality

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