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Accessing remote network via dedicated Point-to-Point

I was recently informed that we require a dedicated point-to-point T1 circuit with a business partner. They are handling the circuit and are managing the routers at my location, but I need to know how to allow machines on my internal network to access resources across this new dedicated point-to-point circuit.

My existing network is setup as follows -

There are two T1's coming into two separate routers:

- From router A, an ethernet cables plugs into the back of a loadbalalancer device.

- From router B, an ethernet cable plugs directly into a switch on VLAN1.

- The loadbalancer has an ethernet cable plugging into VLAN1 as well.

- The PIX firewall is also plugged into VLAN1. The PIX uses the loadbalancer as the default gateway to access the internet.

- All internal machines reside behind the firewall and are using the firewall's internal IP as their gateway.

I currently have several site-to-site connection on my firewall, therefore its imperative that my internal machines continue to use this as their gateway. Also, I would like to put a firewall behind the routers for this dedicated circuit to protect my internal resources from their network.

Please let me know what options I should explore.

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Re: Accessing remote network via dedicated Point-to-Point

In order for your internal PCs to access resources across this dedicated line, your clients default gateway needs to know how to route to the new destination. So you will need a static route or use a dynamic routing protocol. Simple as that.

As for setting up another firewall, depending on what model router & IOS you have, just set it up there.

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Re: Accessing remote network via dedicated Point-to-Point

So since the default gateway for my client PC's is my PIX 515E firewall, I would add a static route there to direct traffic intended for this business partner over the dedicated point-to-point T1?

If so, from the router of the dedicated cirtuit on my end, what would I need to do so that it can cimmunicate with my PIX?


Re: Accessing remote network via dedicated Point-to-Point

I don't think you need to add static route all your machines. Since all your machines are behind pix you can do the routing there itself.

If you add a static route in the pix with destination network as you partner network and gateway as the router where you terminated the t1 link of your partner.

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