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Administrative Distance

Can i use the "distance." command in Eigrp to change the administrative distance of an eigrp route or is it by rule that u have to use only the "distance Eigrp" command ????

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Re: Administrative Distance

Hello Ryel,

You can always change the AD of EIGRP for the "Local router" process or for a particular neighbor. But remember that this only affect the local router on which it is configured.

If it pleases you to change the AD for the EXTERNAL routes, in case you find it easier than way, as a means of identifying the EX, the end result is that only the local router if affected.


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Re: Administrative Distance

This is a nice one. If you check the IP Routing Protocol Command Reference (*1), you find an example for EIGRP where the command

"distance 90"

should set the administrative distance to 120 for the router with the address in EIGRP.

But I think this is misleading, and does not work (it may be me though). This command works fine with RIP and OSPF, where you can also enhance it with an access-list to change the AD only for selected route entries:

"distance 109 NET_1"

"ip access-list standard NET_1


Sets the AD for received from neighbor to 109.

In the IP Routing Protocol Command Reference EIGRP (*2), you find a note which says "You cannot set the administrative distance in EIGRP against certain routes or sources, as you can with other protocols. The command does not work this way with EIGRP".

This note is at the bottom of the entry "eigrp distance", and I think it is correct.

So to my best knowledge and experience there is no way to manipulate the AD for EIGRP routes, except when using the "distance eigrp" command. This command specifies the AD for internal and external EIGRP routes, but applies to all EIGRP routes alike.

In answer to you question, you have to use the "distance eigrp" command, and you are bound to the limitations of this command.

HTH, Thomas



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