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ADSL connection timeouts?

Hi, I have an 857W router adn I updated the firmware a while ago as there were major incompatibilities with my DSLAM.

Before I had a 2Mb connection and that was recently upgraded to a 16Mb connection.

I don't know what the exact problem is or how to even see what's going on within the router to debug it; as show dsl interface and show interface Dialer0 both show connected and my WAN IP address.

In the early hours of the morning my connection seems to just time out. If I try sending ICMP echos from one of my LAN computers say 25 packets, I get about 20% or more packet loss.

I am also monitoring the routers CPU with SNMP and rrd tools from one of my servers which shows at say between 1-10% usually.

I don't understand why this is happening since everything seems to be within normal operating limits.

Since the DSLAM recently got updated I'm hoping that an upgrade in firmware will do the trick but I can't be sure.

Any advice will be helpfull!!

..also is there a way to view which version of firmware I have currently installed?


New Member

Re: ADSL connection timeouts?

The strange thing with this issue is that even though ICMP (ping) works even with 20% packet loss any browser or web traffic doesn't work at all.

Also since I am running multiple servers on my network, they cannot be accessed from outside either. This is the major problem as I have web services.

I turned on "term mon" and "debug ppp neg", however I do not know how to view the results. Show atm0 and dialer0 however do show me as connected though??

I have noticed that when say the number of external connections goes up that this happens? I don't know if this is a DNS issue since I have had issues with using my router as a DNS server in the past as CPU usage would go up rendering the device un-accessable.

Sorry if this seems like a trivial problem, I am due to start the CCNA in 2 weeks which hopefully will teach me how to use IOS to it's maximum!

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