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ADSL connection using a Cisco 1700 router

We're trying to establish a VPN tunnel from our remote office in France to a VPN Concentrator (managed by a 3rd party) located here in the States.

In France we have:

- ADSL Internet connection from France Telecom (FT); a Bintec x2300 router was provided to establish the ADSL connection

- Under our mgmt, a Cisco 1700 running IOS C1700-K9O3SY7-M with an ATM-WIC (Alcatel ADSL) module

Initially we tried to establish the VPN connection from the Cisco 1700 router sitting behind the Bintec router but it didn't work. The VPN concentrator would see the connection attempts coming from the Bintec's WAN interface but the responses/replies would never get back to the 1700 router. What I'm trying to accomplish now is to swap out the Bintec 2300 with the Cisco 1700. Besides the language barrier, this is also my first attempt at setting this up. France Telecom provided me the following connection information:

Login Radius: <Our login ID>

Password: <Our Password>

Protocol: CHAP

WAN address: <XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX>

WAN subnet mask:

LAN address:

LAN subnet mask:LAN

Vp client 8

Vc client 35

Vp Network 1

Vc Network 97

Based on that information I've configured the ATM and Dialer interfaces. Here's what I have so far:

interface ATM0/0

no ip address

no ip mroute-cache

no atm ilmi-keepalive

dsl operating-mode auto

pvc 1/97

encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer

dialer pool-member 1

interface Dialer1

ip address <XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX> <255.255.255.???>

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication chap pap callin

ppp chap hostname <Our login ID>

ppp chap password 7 <Our Password>

Here are my questions...

1) Is my PVC correct based on the info they provided (Vp client 8, Vc client 35, Vp Network 1, Vc Network 97)?

2) They did not provide an ecapsulation type so I'm assuming "aal5mux" is correct since it's the only option with the "dialer" command?

3) Under interface Dialer1... I'm assuming I need to set that to the WAN address they provided, however, it does not like the 32bit mask. Am I off base here?

'sh int atm0/0' shows ATM0/0 up and line protocol up

'sh dsl int atm0/0' shows a modem status of DTMDSL_SHOWTIME

What I can't verify is whether the 1700 has authenticated to FT.

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Re: ADSL connection using a Cisco 1700 router

Don't forget:

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

That way your dialer actually fires up.

I'd also leave off the "ip address" under interface dialer1; use "ip address negotiated".

You've specified to use pap or chap authentication but you haven't defined a PAP username/password. Might want to check that.

If its like anything in Australia then the PVC for ADSL is 8/35; i'm not sure what the "client" vs "network" distinction is. Have they run you two PVCs for some reason?

Finally, you'll want to check with your ADSL provider to get the encapsulation type.

Some ADSL providers may already have example Cisco configurations for their service. You may wish to just give them a call and ask.


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Re: ADSL connection using a Cisco 1700 router

Thanks for the reply.

Got it working. Changing the PVC to '8/35' did the trick. Wonder if that's across the board in Europe...

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Re: ADSL connection using a Cisco 1700 router

Its certainly reasonably standard in Australia. There's some notable exceptions though..

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