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ADSl line problem

hi all

i have a problem with my adsl line connected on a HWIC-ADSL on router 2901

it was working good until yesterday .  the atm interface is down but the interface dialer is up .

i connected this line into home adsl modem and the line is working good

so what's may be the problem of that  ?

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New Member

ADSl line problem

Hello there,

the dialer interface will always be up (it will say spoofing ....) in order to allow routing to send packet to it and case dialer to dial out ....

Did you check the status of the LEDs? Is the CD LED on? What the

show dsl int atm0 (or whatever your ATM is)

Command shows ....

Try google

cisco ATM interface troubleshooting

Hope this helps


New Member

ADSl line problem

The CD led was not on .

we have 2 adsl wic so when i change the line into the second wic and i copy the same configuration,everything works fine .

note: this 2 wics are new  and it was working fine so how i could troubleshoot this problem

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