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ADSL Router - CPU Hog

What does this mean:

*Mar 6 03:55:49.643: %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (5000)msecs, more than

(5000)msecs (4/0),process = Exec.

-Traceback= 0x80132F88 0x801332A0 0x8012B328 0x80127680 0x80164034 0x80163BE4 0x

80163CA4 0x80161D3C 0x80161664 0x80127C2C 0x80120EB8 0x801223CC 0x801225D8 0x801

22CC0 0x801687BC 0x80354CA4

*Mar 6 03:55:54.659: %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (10000)msecs, more than

(5000)msecs (8/0),process = Exec.

-Traceback= 0x80132C74 0x80132FA8 0x801332A0 0x8012B328 0x80127680 0x80164034 0x

80163BE4 0x80163CA4 0x80161D3C 0x80161664 0x80122534 0x801225D8 0x80122CC0 0x801

687BC 0x80354CA4 0x80354D14

Is this memory? or does the router need to be swopped?


Re: ADSL Router - CPU Hog

From the Error Message Decoder:

1. %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task ran for [dec] msec ([dec]/[dec]), process = [chars], PC = [hex].

The indicated process has run for too long a period of time without relinquishing the processor. The process is a "CPU hog."

Recommended Action: If this message appears during startup or during OIR of a card, no action is required. If this message appears when accessing a Flash memory device, consider replacing the affected Flash memory device. If this message occurs during normal router operation, it is most probably caused by a software failure. To take advantage of recent fixes, upgrade your system to the latest Cisco IOS software release in your release train.

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Re: ADSL Router - CPU Hog

i've been looking at the caveats for this one.... I see similar things but this has been happening since a power failure over the weekend. If i plug a cable into any of the Fe ports they don't come up either.

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