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ADSL service and backup options

apologies if this is a reallly basic question (and it's one I definitely should know but seem to be having a mental block on!).

If I have a 2600-series router with an ADSL WIC and I want a reliable failover/backup service for TCP-based alerts (mostly either HTTP or SNMP trap) if the PSTN fails, can I use a serial module-connected service? The bandwidth will be far lower, and at this stage it might be GPRS modem or possibly an X.25 service - can the serial ports be configured to do "dial on demand" using an external modem?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: ADSL service and backup options

Hello Andy,

I am not sure if you can configure a failover based on HTTP or SNMP traps, TMBK, object tracking comes closest, it allows you to define other values than purely the state of the interface as a trigger for failover:

Enhanced Object Tracking

As for the serial interface, you can configure it for async mode with the interface command 'physical-layer async' and then configure it for modem access...



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Re: ADSL service and backup options

thanks GP,

I probably didnt explain clearly enough - it doesn't really matter if the router can "understand" the messages (whether HTTP or SNMP), just that they get through - so if the interface that is the ADSL WIC is down or faulted, the router uses the serial interface. It would be great to be able to insert a little more intelligence though so thanks very much for the Enhanced Object Tracking link.


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