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ADSL & SHDSL Floating Static Solution

I have a remote site router with two DSL interfaces i.e. ADSL and SHDSL. Each one is associated with a virtual dialer interface. So I have interface dialer1 and dialer2.

There is no routing protocols. The remote office router is configured with two default floating static routes. The first static points to dialer interface1(SHDSL) with lower admin cost. The second default maps to dialer interface2(ADSL) and has the higher cost. The SHDSL and ADSL are delivered by the same provider (BT) within a single cloud. The next-hop cam varu between two addresses.

Problem. Frame-relay end-to-end keepalive deals with loss of remote PVC. My requirement is somewhat different. I am seeing the same problem but now with DSL and this particular setup. When we disconnect the SHDSL interface, since the dialer is a virtual interface the line protocol does not go down. As a result he back-up default route does not 'Float' to the top.

Apart from going down the route of tunneling and running a dynamic RP is there any other potential solutions to this requirement?


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Re: ADSL & SHDSL Floating Static Solution

Yes, you can use "IP SLA" to track objects in the internet and set routing accordingly.

This is done with the "track" keyword in "ip route".

Note you will need to configure local policy for PBR, because you want the probe packets to go out on a defined interface only.

hope this helps, please rate post if it does!


Re: ADSL & SHDSL Floating Static Solution

thx dude!

Ajaz :-)

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Re: ADSL & SHDSL Floating Static Solution


You might want to try 'Object Tracking'

Do let us know how you get on with this.



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