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Aggregating ADSL lines

Is there a way to aggregate separate POTS ADSL lines? We are a small camp in a remote location, and our single ADSL line is not enough, but T-1's to our location are expensive. Could we purchase additional ADSL lines (at ~$50/month) and then aggregate them with a Cisco device at the front of our network, so that all clients seemlessly have access to the full sum of the bandwidth?


Re: Aggregating ADSL lines

You can aggregate using Multilink-PPP but that requires that your provider supports it. However you should ask them also if they guarantee that both connections will always connect to the same provider's router or if not, then they should support multi-chassis multilink PPP.

Alternatively you could do CEF load-balancing, but it's more coarse for small locations and some degree of cooperation from service provider is still necessary.

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Re: Aggregating ADSL lines

A regular adsl provider will never support MLPPP for adsl, beside is not said that they use PPP at all.

The only choice is to split machines to use one or another interface with PBR and NAT.

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Re: Aggregating ADSL lines

There may also be other non-network solutions you can use depending on what exactly it is you're doing with the hardware.

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