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Allocate bandwidth on Cisco 877 router>

Hi, I have a Cisco 877 in VPN mode to my Head Office. This 877 is in a remote office that just use citrix over the IPSEC tunnel, can I set the tunnel to make citix top of the list for allocated bandwidth?

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Re: Allocate bandwidth on Cisco 877 router>


You should consider IP NBAR to classify your traffic and use QOS to shape and prioritize it.

Check out..

Here is a very basic example:

! Specify your egress bw and turn IP NBAR on

interface fa4

bandwidth 768

ip nbar protocol-discovery

! Build a class-map to set your criteria

class-map match-any app-citrix

match protocol citrix

! Build a policy-map to QOS your traffic

policy-map application-queueing

class app-citrix

set dscp cs3

priority percent 35


class class-default



! Have fun..

int fa4

service-policy output application-queueing


! See if it's working

show policy-map interface

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Re: Allocate bandwidth on Cisco 877 router>

Thanks for this, I have a couple of questions if that's ok.

I have a 877 would I add this to the vlan1 which is the inside router interface or dialer 1 DSL interface?

Is the bandwidth on the interface (768) the allowed outbound bandwidth for citrix?

Do you think QoS would make much difference in your experience and is worth always doing?

I also have a Cisco 837 which can't do ip nbar, will üt be any good on this?

I hope I haven't asked too many questions, its just a very new area to me.


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Re: Allocate bandwidth on Cisco 877 router>

This should be applied as an outbound policy-map on your dialer interface.

Your policy-map will calculate bandwidth percentages based on your interface 'bandwidth x' and class 'bandwidth percent x' statements.

768 * .35 = 268.8kbps reserved for Citrix:


interface fa4

bandwidth 768


policy-map application-queuing

priority percent 35


QoS can make all the difference in the world.

The 837 is capable of 'ip nbar' if you use IOS 12.4T (IP/FW/Plus 3DES) - c837-k9o3sy6-mz.124-15.T1.bin

You can achieve the same with an ACL--substituting 'match protocol x' with 'match access-group *' Alternatively, you can use Cisco SDM to build this for you.

Good luck!

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Re: Allocate bandwidth on Cisco 877 router>

Hi, the bandwidth 768 would = my DSL upload speed?

You say the 124.15t can do nbar, my router only has 12mb and I use the SDM sometimes, so I don't think I have enough space.

Are you saying I can do the same as nbar but use ACL substituting? To give me the same results? I can see the QoS option in the SDM.

How would I know if the policy is working?

Many thanks for your time

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