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Allow Vlan tag though MPLS to second location?

My Scenario: Our internet is centralized at our Colo. So here at the HQ all we have is a connection to our MPLS, so when we want to go on the web we must first go to the Colo then out to the internet.

My goal: Have 2 seperate networks at our HQ. Network 1 will have access to the internet as well as all of our resources (servers sitting at HQ and sitting at Colo). Network 2 traffic tunneled straight through to the internet. No access to any resources. Prefer not to subnet. Our address space is /24 at the HQ.

My thoughts: I immediately thought setting up some Vlans but then I remembered that once it hits the router the Layer 2 tag will get removed. So while Network 2 wouldnt have access to the servers at the HQ. Once the data got to the Colo, it woul be treated like any other data from that node so it could access our servers there. Are my thoughts correct or can my goal be achieved with just VLans? (I know with MPLS you can have a trunk out to the edge but I have little experience with it)

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Allow Vlan tag though MPLS to second location?

If I understand your question you could possibly use vrfs for this scenario and connect the Internet only to the firewall at the cool.

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