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Any SNMP trickery required for 1861 router?

I've beating my head against the wall with this one, trying to get basic SNMP functionality working on an 1861 router. I use HP SIM to do monitoring and SIM uses SNMP OID for identifying hardware types. I expect this OID to return a unique number identifying an 1861, but I get a response that this is an invalid OID. All of my other routers return something like:

SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0 = OID:

but my 1861 says:

Timeout: No Response from 192.168.xx.1.

I see a bunch of restrictions in the v1default view, so I created a new view and applied it to my community string to try and open it up. If I do an snmpwalk of . I get a bunch of responses from the iso.0.8802 branch, then it stops at SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0

Here is output from sh snmp view and sh snmp group

myView iso - included nonvolatile active

myView internet - included nonvolatile active

myView mgmt - included nonvolatile active

myView mib-2 - included nonvolatile active

myView system - included nonvolatile active

myView ciscoMgmt - included nonvolatile active

groupname: myCommunityName security model:v1

readview : myView writeview: <no writeview specified>


row status: active

What am I missing here? This used to be a very simple thing to set up(snmp-server community <name> ro to allow full RO access)

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