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Any suggestions to implement the below ?


Datacenter has T1 to branch office. Branch office got its own high speed internet connection.

Planning on letting the Data to pass over Internet (via vpn to datacenter or any other suggested method) and T1 for Voice only and if the Internet goes down automatic fall bak to T1.

Any design/config suggestions to achieve the above result..?

Branch office: 3560 L3 switch, 2811 router existing. Can add additional FW if needed.

PCs and Phones in different subnets.

Thank you in advance


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Re: Any suggestions to implement the below ?

Hi,that is doable, if you're interested in professional support to implement that, contact me at the email present in my profile.

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Re: Any suggestions to implement the below ?

You mean, you have Internet & T1 on datacenter. You want data on Internet & Voice on T1. If this is right, R u using any dynamic protocol on edge router ? R u using Single router on edge ?

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Re: Any suggestions to implement the below ?

Both ends at this time using OSPF.



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Re: Any suggestions to implement the below ?

Agree with Paolo, should be doable.

If the voice is VoIP, you could also have voice pass across the Internet if the T1 fails.

If you want to support QoS across the VPN, which will be need to give VoIP best chance to work well (all can provide better service to data apps), it's best to NOT share the Internet with non-VPN traffic. (For the cost of typical business class DSL/cable access, a 2nd connection isn't usually price prohibited.)

Depending on your security needs, a FW feature set within your 2811 might suffice.

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