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New Member

Anyway to use extended ACL for offset list?

Is there any way to use extended ACL for EIGRP offset list?

Other than policy routing, we want to use offset list to control only specific source and destination takes the backup link.


Re: Anyway to use extended ACL for offset list?

The offset list modifies (increases) the metric of a network prefix. When used, the access list determines the network prefixes that should be modified (where access list 0 implies all). As far as I know, it takes only standard access-list. If some IOS permits extended access list, the extended access-list would not refer to source and destination networks. Rather, the two parts of the access-list would refer to network number and subnet mask respectively.

I still think you can use the offset list in a linkup backup configuration. By applying the offset list to apply to an interface, a backup link scenario could be achieved. Maybe if you give more details, we might be able to help.

New Member

Re: Anyway to use extended ACL for offset list?

Here are some details...

We have 2 VLANs between LAN core router and WAN router, they are doing load balance and backup.

We want to setup traffic from one particular site to server VLAN behind the LAN core router only takes VLAN 1 for said and use VLAN 2 for backup all the time.

I have setup offset-list in on LAN core router so for incoming traffic is taking VLAN1 always but how can I setup for return traffic back to this remote site also always takes VLAN1 and not affecting rest of the remotes...


Re: Anyway to use extended ACL for offset list?

You could use an offset-list out to affect the return traffic, but I do not see how other remote sites will not be affected.

New Member

Re: Anyway to use extended ACL for offset list?

That is why I am wondering if we can use extended ACL associate with offset list, or other alternative.

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