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AP1242G Antennas

Probably a silly question, but here goes:

We ordered five AIR-AP1242G-A-K9 Access Points under the impression that they had 4 antenna connectors; Obviously we were somewhat misinformed as it only has 2. We ordered antennas that have 2 antennas in each unit, therefore 2 connectors, and our goal is to connect 2 antennas to each AP - What are our (if any) solutions here?

I'm assuming connecting one antenna from each unit would severely degrade signal quality.

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Re: AP1242G Antennas

The 1242AG access points have 4 antennas. 2 for the A radio and 2 for the G radio. The 1242G only have 2 antenna because there is no A radio.

You definitely want 2 antennas for each AP.

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Re: AP1242G Antennas

I got the 1240AG, but the antenna came with the package is AIR-ANTM4050V-R which only have two connectors??

Re: AP1242G Antennas


There are two models in 1240 APs.

One of which is AG and the other is G only.

AG you'll have 4 connectors two for A and two for G.

G you'll just have 2 connectors.

However I don't see an option to make two different antennas with 2 individual connectors get connected on the AP.

I'll suggest you to open this post in wireless forum.

-> Sushil

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Re: AP1242G Antennas

Ah, thanks for your feedback. Makes a lot more sense now as to why we thought there were 4 connectors.

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