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Apple Bonjour, Wide-Area Bonjour and mDNS Questions

Hi all

Firstly I've been playing with Cisco and Windoz for over 10 years and thought I knew a thing or two about networking. Recently I replaced all my Windoz machines with Apple OS X 10.6. Unfortunately for me none of my knowledge to date is on OS X and has proved to be none transferable.

  • The network is Multicast enabled with PIM-Space-Dense, MSDP Anycast RPs. There are no firewalls or active filtering.
  • The OS X servers are running Snow Leopard Server 10.6.4
  • The Clients are running Snow Leopard 10.6.4

The Problem:

I want to be able run Bonjour between subnets, separated by a routed core, to provide printer sharing.

I've read that Bonjour uses the Multicast group on UDP port 5353. So I tried to 'ip forward-protocol udp 5353' but this did not work. I also tried 'ip directed-broadcast' with an ACL to match and this did not work either. Then I remembered that addresses in the 224/8 range are specified as link local and should therefore have a TTL of 1 so routing between domains won't be possible?? Right??

So, I moved on to explore Wide-Area Bonjour with mDNS and found that this also uses the same address. I don't understand how this work or can I get it to work. I'm not sure I understand what is needed in the SVR DNS records.

Has anyone been able to get Bonjour services working between subnets?

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Re: Apple Bonjour, Wide-Area Bonjour and mDNS Questions

It's a very long time, since you did start this discussion.

Did you get any answers?

If so, could you let me know the outcome, as I have the same problems with my SA520W.

Regards and thank you for your replay.


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Re: Apple Bonjour, Wide-Area Bonjour and mDNS Questions


I am starting to look more into this, as we have few second gen Apple TV's and would like to have our iPhones/iPads AirPlay to them. Of Course those devices are on different subnets.

I found guide:

Using Bonjour Across Subnets

I'm still in the process of reading and researching, however if someone has found a better or easier solution, or has made a simple guide. Please let me know.


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