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Appletalk routing

I need to enable appletalk routing to a remote campus over a serial multilink. Do I just enable appletalk routing and define the zone? Also what does the cable-range command do? I'm not sure what to enter for the cable range.

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Re: Appletalk routing

The cable range will depend on what cable ranges are already defined. Do the local network and remote campus already have zones and cable ranges assigned? If so you'll need to use a cable range that doesn't conflict with the current assignments. I usually use high numbers for wan links and assign a zone name that begins with a "z" so that it is forced to the bottom of the list in the Chooser on the Mac's.

Also, depending on the speed of your link and the amount of Appletalk traffic you have, you might want to consider using a GRE tunnel for your Appletalk traffic. I'm doing it in several locations that have multiple links and the Mac's have less trouble dropping links. A typical config is:

interface Tunnel0

description AppleTalk Tunnel to Remote router

no ip address

appletalk cable-range 45100-45100

appletalk zone zTunnel0

tunnel source

tunnel destination

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