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Application drop

Please advice!!!

Remote 1800 router has L2L VPN back to headquarter. The bandwidth in 1800 router is 1.5 MB. However, sometime the traffic may reach the limitation of bandwidth, and the application will be dropped.

Here are the followings we did:

1. Check the L2L- okay

2. adjust tcp mss - no improvement

3. Change the router - no improvement

We suspect the ISP may be dropping our traffic, rather than queuing it when we saturate the pipe. Understand that get more bandiwith will be the best solution.

Is it possible for us to shape and queue the traffic on the router 1800? if it does, how it works? or are there any ways to handle this issue?

Please help!

Super Bronze

Re: Application drop

You could try shaping the outbound bandwidth to 1.5 Mbps on FastEthernet0. (Of course, even if this helps avoid provider outbound drops, there's still the issue of inbound.)

You could see if the direct GTS command "traffic-shape rate ###" is supported under the interface, or it might be done with, if supported, via CBWFQ.


policy-map CBWFQ

class class-default

shape average ###

interface FastEthernet0

service-policy output CBWFQ

New Member

Re: Application drop

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for help. Should I apply bandwidth 1.5 and " traffic-shape rate " on the F0 at the same time?



Super Bronze

Re: Application drop

You only really need to normally use the bandwidth statement to inform other router functions what the available bandwidth actually is, but if you don't have that need, think it's still a good practice.

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Re: Application drop

I do it even if I don't plan on using something that relys on the bandwidth statement just so I know what the capcity of the link is.

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