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Applying QoS on GRE tunnel interface

Please I configured a Class based weighted fair queueing on a cisco 3845 router with the following image c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-3g.bin. I applied it on a tunnel interface and it returned with the following error. (Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing not supported on interface Tunnel5). Pease is it possible applying QoS on GRE tunnel interfaces and how?


Re: Applying QoS on GRE tunnel interface

HI, [Pls Rate if HELPS]

Eg: I have provided for a 128K Link Sample.

Create a "Parent Policy Map" and apply the "Child Policy Map" as a command under parent policy since admission control for the child class is done based on the shaping rate for the parent class.

policy-map Customer-Parent-128

class class-default

shape average 128000

service-policy CHILD-Priority-128

interface Tunnel 5

service-policy output Customer-Parent-128

Refer Link below for details:

FYI, The tunnel interfaces also support class-based policing, but they donot support CAR.

Hope I am Informative.

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Re: Applying QoS on GRE tunnel interface

Great. really very informative, I appreciate this so much. thanks

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