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AS4500 questions

Please answer some of the questions I have listed below.

1. We was told that we have a "standard" AS5400 rather then a "XM" or "RM" version. One of the differences is the standard version can only do TDM in SIP out or SIP in and TDM out but not SIP in SIP out. We have the following questions:

(a) Is this true?

(b) What will it take to upgrade our AS5400 to XM or RM (including cost)?

(c) What other benefits will we gain?

2. Our current AS5400 has a T1 card with 8 slots. This mean we can handle up to only 8 T1s. Can we add another card to make it 16 T1s? Is this the limit that this AS5400 can handle and what will it take to upgrade?

3. General question about how to control/set different codecs for incoming and outgoing calls. Can we use AS5400 for codec conversion? For example if someone originate incoming calls to us in g911 and we have termination carrier in g729, can we convert and originated g911 to g729 and send it out and then convert back and forth for the call?

4. Same as in questin 3 except can we convert back and forth between protocal -- SIP to H323 and H323 back to SIP? Can we do this w/o a T1 loop?

5. We have our pinless application running on the AS5400 right now (using the IRV resources, etc.). We have different access numbers. How can we configure the Pinless application to play different set of prompts by the Access Number being dialed. For example, when caller dials 800-777-7777 we want to use the English prompts and when the caller dials 800-888-8888 we want to use the Spanish prompts.

Thank you



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Re: AS4500 questions


1. That is called IP-to_IP GW. I couldn't find evidence that the 5400 doesn't support that, as it's a software feature

2. You can still add more T1 cards. See:

3. That is transcoding, see:

4. as in 1. Yes you can "convert" h.323 to sip w/ T1 loop.

5. this is done configuring the application to start under a specfic dial-peer that matches the called number:

application ivr-en

incoming called-number xxxx

You will have multiple services configuredeach one with the "paramspace language" set as appropriate. This way, a same script can serve multiple languages and can also switch langua during the call.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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