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ASA 5505 config question

I need a little help with this one.

                                                                                    TDS Internet (



                                                                                                    ASA 5505


                                                                                                         / | \

                                                                                                        /  |  \

                                                                                                   pix  pix  pix (

Here's the set up.  TDS line to the ASA.  Behind the ASA are 3 different businesses, each with a Pix.  I know, but it's how they want it.  All 3 of the businesses host their own exchange.  And 2 of them have test web sites they work on.

So, I'm pretty sure I have most of the configuration done.  I was given 2 set's of IP's from TDS.  The first is the WAN IP addresses, and 5 addresses all on the same subnet, along with the Default Gateway info for the Lan IP's.

I've configured the Wan IP on the Outside interface, and made the inside interface the Lan Default gateway IP.  That will leave me the 5 ip's for the businesses.  Now, here's where I'm getting stuck.

How do I route the IP's correctly, so, for example, when an Exchange request comes to one of the internal IP's, it gets routed there correctly?

I've set both of the interfaces on the  ASA to be 100, and allow all traffic to flow between them, and have Natting disabled.

Has anyone else done a set up like this?  Having a heck of a time finding some examples.

And no, before anyone asks, these guys are cheap.  They insist on sharing the internet costs, being they're all in the same building.


Re: ASA 5505 config question


Interesting issue - but it can be solved.

I presume that each of the buisneses has the own internal IP subnet Range?

Is there a switch that connects the ASA & PIX's together?

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Re: ASA 5505 config question

Problem solved.  Had everything but the correct static route to the subnet behind the ASA.  Once I put that in, viola,

everything took off.

Thanks for the reply.

For future refrence, I will no longer be using the ASDM.  CLI for me from here on out.

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