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ASA Interface as DHCP Client

When i configure one of ethernet interfaces on ASA 5510 as DHCP client it obtaines the lease from DHCP server but it does not release the lease even if i disconnect the interface from the network it stays in "RENEWING" state and show it in ASDM DHCP monitoring section, to renew the ip address someone has to issues the command or press "RENEW IP ADDRESS" button in ASDM.

This behaviour in causing great trouble for me and preventing ASA to be deployed in my infrastructure.

The current software Image is 7.2.2

Has anyone experience such behaviour or have any solution to it?

I really appriciate any help/comments.


Re: ASA Interface as DHCP Client

ASA is connected to any DSL modem?, if so check the modem what mode it operates (half bridge mode).

try to renew the IP Address on the ASA using > the command " ip address dhcp setroute"

Refer these links:

New Member

Re: ASA Interface as DHCP Client

Yes it is connected to DSL MODEM which is in half bridge Mode also Ethernet interface is configured as DHCP server. but if the Modem goes down, the ASA still hold the Lease forever and does not renew it once the modem comes back.


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