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Hi Everyone,

Here is my current situation, I have 3 Internet connections as below, at the moment they are terminate into the ASA.

ADSL Modem 1 (routed mode)              ADSL Modem 2 (routed mode)           Midband Ethernet Tail (10m/10m)

                                                                      ASA 5510

                                                                      LAN Switch

I want to change it to the following, in order to use PBR on the router.

ADSL Modem 1 (/29 Ip block)           ADSL Modem 2 (/29 ip block)                Midband Ethernet Tail (10m/10m) (/28 block)


                                                                           ASA 5510

                                                                           LAN Switch

I need your opinion on the following points

1. What is the best suited router considering i have 2 adsl connections and i will need 3 WAN + 1 LAN ports in total.

2. Where should I run the NAT ? on ASA or the router. (I do have around 20 L2L IPSEC VPN tunnel on the ASA). In the new setup I would like to use ADSL 1 for the internet browsing and use ADSL 2 and Ethernet Tail for incoming service (+some outgoing to specific destinations or based on specific services)

3. I have an old 1841 with 2 Ethernet ports, am i better off buying 2 x ADSL2+ cards and use them with expansion slots?

4. Both adsl connections are PPPOA based, Can I put both adsl modems into bridge mode and create pppoa connections on 1841? (I will still have to buy a HWIC 2 ports ethernet card).

5. Should i go for any of the above options or am i better of buying a new router?

Thanks for your help.

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About the which router to run is depending on the amount of bandwidth you have

If it's less than 100M then the 1800 or the cisco G2 1900 routers series it ok all what you need to do make sure you get the right cards for the required interfaces

If the adsl modem con be used as bridge the you will need rj45 on the router side per adsl line instead of rj11

NATing can be performed in any of the devices either the router or the ASA but if you are going to use the router with different ISP links it is better to do the nating on the router to avoid wasting any public ip in the link between the router and the ASA also less comlixety but majestic sure that nat take into consideration the VPN you have

The below link will help you setup the NAY, IP SLA and PBR with multiple Internet links

Hope this help

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Thanks for your reply, both of my adsl connections are PPPOA based, can i bridge both adsl modems and then create pppoa connections on 1841 (ofcourse modems plugged into ethernet ports, i will need a HWIC-2FE card).



You need to find out what HW model you need this is not too hard since you are with the logic described above to meet your requirements


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Here is how i am planning to configure it. As earlier suggested that natting can be performed on either router or asa. I would like to keep the NAT on the ASA considering i have around 20 L2L ipsec connections on it.

ADSL Modem 1 (/29 Ip block)          ADSL Modem 2 (/29 ip block)             Metro Ethernet Tail (10m/10m) (/28 block)

                                                       Router (cisco 1841)

                                                       ASA 5510 (public ip address with ADSL 1 running NAT)

                                                       LAN Switch

How do I achieve internet redundancy (SLA on router) considering the NAT is running on the ASA? How will an outgoing packet to the internet from the LAN which will be natted with adsl1 asa interface addresss will go out through adsl 2 link and then come back?


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