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ASR 1001 L2TP sessions // License issue?


This is my first post, in the fisrt place, sorry for my english, is not my native language.

I have purchased a refurbished ASR 1001 without any license for using as LNS:

Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.12.00.S - Standard Support Release
Cisco IOS Software, ASR1000 Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(2)S, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


The scenario is this:


LAC (from network provider) send L2TP packet sessions-> LNS (ASR 1001, assign public IP to user and close the L2TP session).

The configuration of ASR is the typical for xDSL connections.

1) The LAC send requests to LNS Loopback interface:

interface Loopbacktest1
  ip address
 snmp ifindex persist

2) LNS assign the loopback interface to vpdn group, that points to virtual-template:

 vpdn-group VpdnG1
  protocol l2tp
  virtual-template 1
 terminate-from hostname Provider01
 lcp renegotiation always
 l2tp tunnel password 7 XXXXXXXX


interface Virtual-Template1
 description Int-Vi1 VpdnG1
 mtu 1501
 ip unnumbered GigabitEthernetX/X/X
 ip mtu 1460
 ip tcp adjust-mss 1400
 no peer default ip address
 ppp max-terminate 255
 ppp max-configure 255
 ppp max-failure 255
 ppp max-bad-auth 10
 ppp authentication pap chap ppp_authent2
 ppp multilink

Since here, all is OK, but the problem is that the ASR cannot reach connected users and evidently the user doesn't have internet connectivity because he cannot reach the gateway IP (ASR IP).

 Interface    User               Mode               Idle     Peer Address
  Vi1.1        test1                PPPoVPDN     -


L2TP Tunnel and Session Information Total tunnels 1 sessions 1

LocTunID   RemTunID   Remote Name   State  Remote Address  Sessn     L2TP Class/
                                                                                                                Count     VPDN Group
1589           3324            Provider01       est                    1             VpdnG1

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)

ASR1001 in not forwardinf the traffic to end users

Exactly the same configuration works fine in 7201 cisco router.



After read some information in internet and cisco web and test several IOS images and configurations I have activated 2 of 3 (marked in bold down) possible licenses that are available to test in the router (these are available during 60 days).

Cisco ASR 1000 IP BASE License

Cisco ASR 1000 Advanced IP Services License

Cisco ASR 1000 Advanced Enterprise Services License

***Result-> After apply Advanced IP Service or Advanced Enterprise license the ASR works perfectly, forwarding the traffic to the end users. The router can reach gateway and have internet connection.

I would like to try IP BASE License but there is no possibility to activate the test period in the router, I don't know if you knows any way to test it. This is the details that router shows about this 3 license types:

Index 1 Feature: adventerprise
        Period left: 8  weeks 1  day
        Period Used: 2  days 12 hours
        License Type: EvalRightToUse
        License State: Active, In Use
        License Count: Non-Counted
        License Priority: Low
Index 2 Feature: advipservices
        Period left: Not Activated
        Period Used: 0  minute  0  second
        License Type: EvalRightToUse
        License State: Active, Not in Use, EULA not accepted
        License Count: Non-Counted
        License Priority: None
Index 3 Feature: ipbase

-->There is no more info about IP base license<---

If I use the command "license boot level" I can apply the IP base license, but after reload the router, nothing happens.

ASR1001(config)#license boot level ?
  adventerprise  Advanced Enterprise License Level
  advipservices  Advanced IP Services License Level
  ipbase         IP Base License Level

Then my answers are:


1) Is 100% necessary to have a license in ASR1001 to use the router as LNS as showed? Apparently after my tests I will answer "yes", but I'm not sure if my configuration is the only one that I can configure. Maybe exist another way to config the required scenario and avoid the purchase license.

2) Do you know if IP Base license will active the forwarding packet function in the ASR? I think yes, but before buy this license I need to be sure. As you know Ip Base is the most cheap license.


Thanks in advantage!


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New Member

Hello,Documentation states


Documentation states that licensing on the ASR 1000 are now honor-based since 3.7s. I didn't test it though.

Basically, your license marked now as "EvalRTU" will be moved to an "RTU" license, indicating you would need to buy a license to keep your honor intact, but no disruption in features or connectivity will happen.

Since your test was more than 60 days ago, can you confirm this behavior with 3.12 ?


Kind regards,


- All Cisco ASR 1000 feature and performance upgrade licenses are honor-based; that is, they are not enforced through a PAK (Product Activation Key). Note: Prior to Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.7S, performance upgrade licenses that are required to upgrade the Cisco ASR 1001 from 2.5 to 5 Gbps or the Cisco ASR 1002-X from 5 to 10 to 20 to 36 Gbps are enforced through a PAK. Similarly, prior to Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.6S, technology package licenses are enforced through a PAK. [1]

- When the 60-Day Evaluation Period expires, the license automatically changes to an RTU license. As with all other RTU licenses, there is no functionality disruption or accessibility concerns following this transition. [2]



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Re: Hello,Documentation states


I have this problem too in asr 1002-x

im worry about what will happen after 60 days :( I'm using the evaluation license for pppoe bras

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