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ASR 1002X Configuration Assistance

I was wondering if I could get some configuration guidance on an ASR1002X. Currently we have a single 100Mbps connection to our service providers 3400 Metro Switch which is used for Internet access via BGP and the like. In order to get addtional bandwidh along with addtional services, our ISP is providing a optical GE handoff onto which they will provide 3 services via VLAN tags.

I have an ASR1002X that I plan on using to terminate the GE handoff and route the appropriate networks to the locations within out network. See attached diagram for reference. Two of the VLANS are Internet services. I plan on using the ASR as the BGP endpoints. I'm going to announce a small prefix (DMZ subnet) over one of the BGP connections and the remaining over the other. I would like to policy route accordingly for the egress traffic.

The 3rd VLAN is a small (100Mbps) metro ethernet to a small office.

Here are my questions/thoughts. If someone has any configuration examples/suggestions I would really appreciate it.

1. For the 2 Internet services I would like to policy route based on source network to align with my ingress traffic per my prefix announcemnts. I would like the configuration to factor in the ability to failover to each of the services in the event one of the BGP connections goes down.

2. For the metro ethernet VLAN to the remote site, I need to have the ASR honor our QoS (DSCP) tags and priorty queue traffic egress over the dot1q trunk to the ISP switch. In this case DSCP EF, AF31 and class default. Consequently I want to default all internet traffic to DSCP 0.

3. For all 3 VLANs I would like to police the traffic egress over the dot1q link to match what the service provider is policing at. So in this case 100Mbps for the metro ethernet and 250Mbps and 500Mbps for the two Internet services.

4. On the metro ethernet link we typcially would run EGIRP for out internal routing, so if I understand the ASR abilities correctly, my EGIRP peers could be my LAN swtich (6500) and the ASR with the ASR peering over the VLAN to our remote site router with EGIRP, basically L3 hops. Or perhaps I could bridge that vlan all the way to the 6500 so that is peers directly with the remote site router. I think the former would be a little cleaner.

5. I am thinking that I should VRF seperate the WAN (metro ethernet) from the 2 Internet VLANS.

Thanks for any help.

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