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ASR 1004 control traffic


Is there anybody know if Cisco ASR router is allocating a Bandwidth or has a dedicated Hardware Queue for control traffic such as BGP


Re: ASR 1004 control traffic

The bandwidth command is used to specify the minimum guaranteed bandwidth allocated for traffic matching a particular class. Bandwidth may be defined as a specific value or may be set as a percentage of the interface bandwidth.

On the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers, by default, and without any QoS configuration, the default group of an interface is allowed a minimum bandwidth of either 1 percent of the interface rate or 10 Mbps. This is applicable only on the egress. The actual bandwidth used is calculated in multiples of 256 kbps, the minimum bandwidth rate. The configured value is rounded to the nearest multiple of 256 kbps. The value shown in the output of the running-configuration shows the configured value as entered by the user.

If a percentage value is set, the accuracy that can be expected is 1 percent. The bandwidth command can be used only within egress service policies. Use within an ingress policy is not supported.

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Re: ASR 1004 control traffic

Thank you for your response,

What about ASR 1004 ?


Amr Ahmed

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