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ASR1002 dynamic NAT entries are not released


we are using an ASR 1002 for dynamic NAT (with route maps). I do have a Problem with the usage of the NAT pool it self.

The total NAT Translations for the pool are:

#sh ip nat stat

[Id: 1] route-map natted-host-01 pool nat-pool-01 refcount 136

pool nat-pool-01: netmask

        start XX.XX.202.0 end XX.XX.203.255

        type generic, total addresses 512, allocated 88 (17%), missee 0

If i now look into the NAT translation Table i do get less entries:

#sh ip nat translations filter map-id dynamic 1 total

Total number of translations: 43

Only a deeper look into the QFP gives here the right values:

# sh platform hardware qfp active feature nat data

The ouput count matches the values I get if i isue a sh ip nat stat

My question is how is it handled internally.

We do have a problem too, with raising usage of the pool over the time.

Once allocated Pool entries are not released after a period of time. And no NAT translation occur for that used IP NAT pool Addresses.

The timer on the device are set:

ip nat translation timeout 300

ip nat translation tcp-timeout 900

ip nat translation pptp-timeout 900

ip nat translation udp-timeout 120

ip nat translation routemap-entry-timeout 900

ip nat translation max-entries 750000

Any one a clue or do I have to open a TAC case.

best regards


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ASR1002 dynamic NAT entries are not released

Hello Eberhard,

I would suggest to open a TAC service request you have collected enough information on the issue.

Hope to help


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