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ASR1002 IOS question

Can someone help with changing the IOS used in a ASR1002 from ipbase to  advipservices, I need to run BFD

So far I have copied asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9. to the flash memory and treid simply to change the boot system statement

and it will not run it.

I wondered if anyone has any experience of this process?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: ASR1002 IOS question

Hello ,

Do you mean the command is not getting accepted or there is no effect for the command?

I will give you some general procedure to do IOS upgrade on ASR :

Step 1 Copy the consolidated package into bootflash: using the copy
URL-to-image bootflash: command.

Step 2 If you want to run the router using individual sub-packages,
enter the request platform software package expand file
bootflash:image-name command. If you want to run the router using a
consolidated package, skip this step. 

Step 3 Enter the dir bootflash: command to verify your consolidated
package or your extracted sub-packages are in the directory.

Step 4 If you are trying to run individual sub-packages, use the delete
bootdisk:image-name to delete the consolidated package. If you want to
run the router using the consolidated package, skip this step.

Step 5 Set up the boot parameters for your boot. Set the configuration
register to 0x2 by entering the config-register 0x2102 global
configuration command, and enter the boot system bootflash:image-name
(if running using the consolidated package) or boot system
bootflash:provisionging-file-name (if running using individual
sub-packages) global configuration command.

Step 6 Enter copy running-config startup-config to save your

Step 7 Enter the reload command to reload the router and finish the
boot. The upgraded software should be running when the reload completes.

Could you please follow the procedure once more and let me know if that helps resolve the issue?



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Re: ASR1002 IOS question

Hi Bhadri

I have moved on a lot since I posted the question and have managed to get things workin, it is all a question of using the bootflash: not the flash: once you know that it's okay.

Many thanks for the update, it is greatly appricated.


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Re: ASR1002 IOS question




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