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ATM DS3 Internet access and DSL PVC's.

Hello, hope everyone is well.

We just got an ATM DS3 (from ATT) that we are using to provide DSL service and will also be using for Internet access. The DSL part is up and running; no problem. However, none of us have experience setting up the Internet access over the DS3.

So we have all DSL service up and running over the DS3. Now it's time to (hopefully) turn up Internet access over the circuit also.

ATT, helpful folks that they are, have given me the following information...

Service type: Managed Frame.

CSU Time Slot Setting: 1-24.

Protocol (LMI/ATM): ANSI

Encapsulation setting: IETF for Cisco - Frame relay for Non-Cisco.

DLCI: 515

Our router is a 3745 running IOS c3745-is-mz.123-1a; using NM-1A-T3 for the DS3.

My attempt at the config so far is:


interface Virtual-Template10

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay IETF



interface ATM1/0.100 point-to-point

ip address xx.xx.xx.xx

pvc 2/515

encapsulation aal5snap

protocol ppp Virtual-Template10




We aren't scheduled to turn up the service for a few days, but I thought I might post here and see if I'm even close to where I need to be.

Any one that can point me to appropriate documentation (I've read so many different HowTo configure ATM documents I think it has done more to confuse me than anything) would be greatly appreciated. Or, anyone that has experience with this type of service and could provide insight would also be very greatly appreciated. Example configs would be a godsend.

Thanks for reading through this. If I haven't provided enough information to make sense please let me know and I'll happily provide whatever info is needed.

Thanks again.


Re: ATM DS3 Internet access and DSL PVC's.

The information your provider gave you for your internet connection makes no sense. They gave you info for a T1 circuit (from the timeslots), using frame-relay as the L2 protocol.

I'd get more information from them before you try to build a config.

If the internet is coming over the ATM as well, i'd imagine it'll be set up like a PVC just like your DSL subscribers are coming in on, with different shaping values.

New Member

Re: ATM DS3 Internet access and DSL PVC's.

Thanks for the reply.

Originally I was told it was just a PVC also. Then they sent me that info and it threw me off. I'm going to try to pry more info out of them.

Thanks again.

New Member

Re: ATM DS3 Internet access and DSL PVC's.

Thanks again for your reply.

I contact our provider and explained the situation. Turns out that the data I was originally given is almost entirely irrelevant.

It is just a standard PVC.

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