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ATM Map Problems

I am having trouble connecting to a few ATM elements on the network. When I do a "show atm map" I noticed that the entry for the devices that I cannot connect to do not have a VPI/VCI entry. (Please see attached file). I do not know why this is happening since they should be created automatically. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have also attached the configuration for the ATM interface facing those devices.

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Re: ATM Map Problems

Is this a network of routers ?

Do you necessarily have to use SVC ?

Using PVCs would simplify configuration, eliminate all issues with call setup and tear-down, eliminate all and any issue with mapping, eliminate broadcast traffic.

In summary all very good things.

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Re: ATM Map Problems

Thanks for the quick response. The network is an ATM ring of Marconi switches connected to a 7204. I don't need to use SVC's. I am mostly curious as to why after working with no problem in this configuration for years suddenly stops. And it is only two switches that I cannot connect to. Looking at the arp cache on the two switches I see that the NSAP entry for the router is correct.

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Re: ATM Map Problems

Probably you meant for "many years" :)

Some data structure may have got corrupted, if you could pinpoint to a single device (ARP server? not sure), rebooting it could fix everything.

Again, if you have a chance to switch to PVCs, be reassured this network will enjoy absolute stability for the rest of its life.

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