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ATM to POS migration

Hi all.

We have an ATM network based on Alcatel devices relaying over a SDH network with STM1 links. We are thinking about migrating it with Cisco equipment. First we'd need to increase our links from STM1 to STM4, and on the other hand we want to eliminate the ATM encapsulation in order to minimize overhead. Can you give us any recommendation? Is there any kind of interface which supports both ATM and POS? (to implement a gradual upgrade)

Thanks in advance.


Re: ATM to POS migration

migration from ATM to POS as it is just payload in SDH frame. The difference between ATM and POS mapping to SDH

is C2 byte in HO-POH (high order path overhead) which is not checked by the clip

New Member

Re: ATM to POS migration

Thanks Phillip.

The problem we see is during the migration. There will be a moment that we have an ATM/SDH interface in one side and a POS interface in the other one. Then we want to know if it is possible to end the ATM PVCs in the POS interface. In other words, to configure atm encapsulation on a Cisco POS interface. We have seen that it is possible to configure frame-relay, hdlc and ppp.

Thanks in advance.

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