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auto-rp issue

Hi Experts,

I have read that auto-rp works with sparse-dense mode only ...if you need this feature with sparse mode then we will have to use the command ip pim autorp listner in global config mode ( I am running 12.4 advance ip services on 3845 ).....I tried autorp with sparse mode however did not configure listener command still my router can get rp address via auto rp protocol.....i have not configured any command to accept auto rp message.....please help

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Re: auto-rp issue

Auto-RP multicast groups only function on dense mode.

Can we see the output from typing

show ip mroute

from the router that receive the autorp groups ?

also, a show ip pim interface as well.


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Re: auto-rp issue

Hi Edi,

Thanks for responding back on this, yeah I checked with debug ip pim autorp....router on sparse mode does receive auto rp message and "sh ip pim rp "and "sh ip pim rp mapping" shows the correct rp address they have taken it via auto rp and I also confirmed many times ...interface was running sparse mode only....there are couple of examples in jeff doyle ( Routing TCP / IP ) where they have enable auto- rp on sparse mode .

I also tried bootstap and it worked as well in sparse mode only.

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Re: auto-rp issue

Hello guys

This is the same question I had posted a few weeks back. I got a couple of replies from both Cisco and routerie forum.

Have a look and write back if you get something out of it please. I am not sure I understand those explanations.;f=50;t=005193



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Re: auto-rp issue

When you enable sparse-mode on a interface, the interface will only send sparse groups, however it will receive sparse & dense groups.

Let's see the show ip mroute like I asked before , as well as show ip pim interface and show ip pim rp mapping.


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