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auto-RP size

Hi Experts,

what is the maximum recommended diameter for autorp in a pim domain?

The scope can be configured to 255, but is this reliable?

We manage >600 sources,

Thanks in advance,

Asier Gonzalez Diaz


auto-RP size


I'm going to give this a shot knowing that there are others on here more versed in multicasting. Your PIM domain should be covered by your autorp. As you know, you wouldn't have an RP unless you were running in sparse/sparse-dense mode. Your sources register with the RP and when hosts want to join that group, they send a join toward their router which in turn sends a PIM join toward the RP. I wouldn't think it would matter how many sources you have as long as you have redundancy in your RPs. You could split up your domain and state that RPA is responsible for 300 sources  and RPB is responsible for the other 300.


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auto-RP size


By >600 sources, do you mean they talk with each other? If that is the case I would suggest Bidir PIM (works with Sparse-mode only)

Or if you mean 600 + receivers then BSR (Bootstrap router) instead of auto-rp will be a good option. Because auto-rp works in dense or sparse dense mode of PIM.

Also BSR has per HOP advertisement quality which doesnt limit it to any Scope unless explisitly specified.

Also you can create multiple groups and load balance the traffic for different sources or implement msdp as required.

Plz let me know if this helped.

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