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automated failover

Currently we are experiencing latency issues with Sprint's MPLS network. When these spikes happen (3 in the last 3 months) it becomes service affecting for us and with a backup network in place, traffic will only fail over if the MPLS circuit goes down hard. I've been searching for something, some monitoring application that could send a remote command to the routers interface to shut so that traffic can fail over in these occurrences, but I'm having no luck. Is there any thing out there that can do this? We need something that can monitor latency and trigger and action on the router when latency hits a certain threshold for a X amount of seconds. This is something that we'll be very valuable once we begin running voice on these lines.


Re: automated failover


i would suggest to make sure that you have clean pipe connecting your location to the nearest SP pop.

you may get the circuit looped from the remote end and make sure that your circuit is clean.

also would suggest to check out the bandwidth utilisation on the link which might also result in drops/high latency issues.

there are lots of freeware tools available out there which you could make use of to start you exprementation.


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Re: automated failover

we already monitor using whatsupgold, ciscoworks and prtg, that isnt the issue and we know the mpls circuit is running clean, but when sprint has an issue on their end (i.e. fiber cut, hardware failures, etc.) we get hit with high latency, or drops and when this happens we need to have something recongize the issue immediately and shut to the mpls interface on the router so our traffic can fail over to our p2p network. looking to see if maybe ip sla do this? anything out there that can send remote commands to the router when we experience latency above 250ms for say 10 seconds?

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Re: automated failover

If you're using Cisco equipment, read up on OER (12.4 and later).

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