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Automatic shutdown

I have three links from the same vender(vendo1) from my routerA to routerB which is configured eigrp and i have one more link which is from different vendor(vendor2) we have configured MPLS (6mb) as the backup link which has static route when all three links of vendor1 fails the router still finds the route through the vendor2 link i have to shut the interface which is connected to vendor 2 link automically so the the router should find the route from MPLS instead of the vendor2 link. pls help me in resolving the problem with commands

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Re: Automatic shutdown

Can you post configs ?

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Re: Automatic shutdown

When the links that are connected to s1/1,s4/1 and s4/0 goes down the router still finds the route through s4/7 which goes through different paths (two hops)to same destination which should not happen and i need s4/7 to automatically shutdown ones the three links goes down and router should take MPLS route.

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Re: Automatic shutdown

Hi Edison can you help me in resolving the above mentioned issue.


Re: Automatic shutdown

I don't know if there is a way to actually shut a interface down based on routing. Maybe with TCL scripts but that is not your best solution.

Your problem is that you are learning about the main site via another remote site that you have connection to. Since it sounds like you never want to use this path you can use distribution lists to prevent the routes from being send/received.

I assume you have floating statics that you have not included that take over when the EIGRP routes are lost.

The cleanest way to do this is to go to this intermedite remote location and have it filter the routes it send to both the other location. It should be configured to not forward the routes it learns from these sites. You could do it as a inbound distribution on both the end routers if you prefer.

Another small point is the redistribute static statement you have will not do anything as you have it configured. You must specify a metric or use the default metric command.

Be careful about these redistributed routes. They will be advertised into the remote site that remains up. Since the statics only exist when the other links are down you may get unexpect results if our other location also is advertising the same networks. You will need to select your metrics carefully in some cases.

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Re: Automatic shutdown

From your config, how would the MPLS connection take over all routes when you don't have dynamic routing running on this connection and the static route is just a host route ?

Ideally, you should have EIGRP enabled in all links and the ones with the best FD would take over which on this case would be the MPLS with the bandwidth you've configured on the subinterface.