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Avoid double NAT with non-bridged DSL modem in the mix, how?

Support community,

I have this scenario

Windstream DSL modem(4300 SpeedStream)===ASA-FIrewall=====LAN user

GOAL: To be able to RDP(3389) to a computer in my house from anywhere

- All the PPPoE authentication takes place in the DSL router, in other words, it is not bridged. I would like to leave it that way. I know how to accomplish

  my goal by bridging the modem but I do not want to do that.

- I am aware of the dynamic IP assigned by the ISP, no issues there. For my tests I would use whatever IP has been assigned to it.

QUESTION Is there anyway to maintain the above scenario and still be able to configure NAT in the ASA firewall without changing default NATting settings in the modem?

Perhaps what I ask is not technically possible but I thought I might inquire from anyone out there. Main reason for me to keep the DSL modem as it is, have to do with the ISP technical support. Whenever I call them for Internet issues, they want to isolate the modem and just connect it to a PC/laptop and I ruin their "script" if I have it bridged and they tend to blame other equipment, if it is bridged.

Hopefully this makes sense



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