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Backhaul Internet Across MPLS


First, I attached a network diagram to the discussion to hopefully make this setup clearer. I was wondering if someone can give me some direction in backhauling internet across the MPLS. We have several remote sites that have an MPLS circuit using BGP. Most of these sites have an internet circuit as well but the ones that do not backhaul internet to the data center. We'll call this site Data Center1. If the internet circuit fails at any of these remote sites we remove the default route on the remote site router so that the internet traffic backhauls to our data center. The data center has an MPLS router using BGP as well. The data center MPLS router is connected to a core switch that is running BGP and is being used to inject the default route of

We have a few sites in California where it would make more sense to backhaul their internet to a location that is closer to them, we'll call this site Data Center2. We'd still like all of the non-California remote sites to still backhaul their internet to Data Center1. My question is how can we do this if we are already injecting the default route of at Data Center1?

I thought I could set the default route on the remote office MPLS router to point to Data Center 2's MPLS interface, #ip route but this did not work. It continued to send the internet traffic to Data Center 1.

Any direction you can provide would be appreciated.


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Backhaul Internet Across MPLS

this is something you need to discuss it with your MPLS provider as from your end you send the default route to the MPLS PE and the MPLS PE learn the default route ( in your IPVPN within their MPLS ) via Datacenter1

if they can have some sort of policy routing or BGP community stings you might be able to do it

other than this you will need a second link to route Internet traffic over the two DCs as primary and secondary Internet paths

hope this help

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Re: Backhaul Internet Across MPLS

The way this would be done on the MPLS network by setting them with specific router targets. For example the default route generated in the California data center would be tagged with a route target only california sites accept, while all the other sites will ignore that prefix, they will only accept a default route with another route target value.

Hope that help, let me know if you would like me to clarify on anything.

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Backhaul Internet Across MPLS

but the concept you mentioned is up to the teleco (MPLS SP ) how to do if they do it

also this won't provide redundancy where when one DC gose down to failover to the other DC

the ISP could have a service for this such as using a community string in BGP to make route preference you need to discuss with ISP

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