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Backup Interface for DMVPN Branch Router

I'm going to deploy a 2951 branch router using a DMVPN. I would like this router to have a backup, 4G,  DMVPN interface. What I want to do is, create the DMVPN with the G0/0 interface. If that interface fails or if the provider has an outage, I would like the 4G interface to automatically come up - creating a tunnel with the headend routers using the same tunnel interafces as the G0/0.

I was thinking that I would configure the tunnel the same on both the g0/0 interface and the 4G interface. Then, configure the router to turn on the 4G if the G0/0 tunnel fails. I'm hoping this is possible and how should I go about doing this? IPSLA to monitor the G0/0 interface? Or, just configure a backup interface on the G0/0? Any suggestions or docs would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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