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backup link configuration(2 vpn and 2 internet in same senerio)

in our org. we have two vpn link having 1 isp lan ip 10.190.x.x/24 and 2nd isp lan is 10.191.x.x/24.  2 internet link . 2 vpn is backup link . . now i have to restructure the networking due to shifting of link. currently if primay down. seconday link have to manualy made as primay by logging into firwall.which take 10 mint to get affaceted .also manuly effort requried. can u plz guide me what should i implement so that RTO(request time out ) can be minimize while shifting . how i will divert the trafice between vpn and internet (user use both vpn url for logging to remote serve and internet  ).since vpn link is also have 2nd vpn link as backup. plz guide me. .i get confiuse. if there will two link i would have use pbr routing .if lan subnet was same .i had use vrrp  but here vpn link lan ip is not as needed in vrrp.  u may simple consider .if u have 2 vpn and 2 internet link how u will implement in ur org. keeping in mind for loading balancing .or HIGH havailabily. both vpn link is used for remote sever logging and internet  (internet and vpn link both requried to user as same time).if u further requried detail plz send ur mail id .


look atip sla

look at

ip sla

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plz explain in brief..  how i

plz explain in brief..  how i will implement . how i will implement between 2 vpn and 2 internet link. one vpn and one internet is required at a time.  what should be my best topolgy .plz guide with little bit explation.

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