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Backup Link using only static routing

I've a branch office wan connected to the main site using only static routing.

In the same router, Cisco 1760-V, I've an Adsl Internet connection with a VPN configured to the main site.

We'd like to use this link only when the primary wan connection is out of order.

Into main site my customer want to change static routing manually but he'd like to do it automatically into branch.

Is it possible?

May I use rtr or tracking to monitor a reachability of an host into main site and change routing ?

I've seen OER but it seams a quite complicated for this !

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Re: Backup Link using only static routing


There is an easy way to do it.

rtr (or ip sla in latest versions) and track is the best way to do it.

If you search on the cco you will find many topics descriping how you can achived it.

Check the following as a sample config :

ip sla monitor 1000

type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho (remote loopback) source-ipaddr (loopback interface)

timeout 1000

owner DAFNI


frequency 15

hours-of-statistics-kept 12

distributions-of-statistics-kept 10

buckets-of-history-kept 5

ip sla monitor schedule 1000 life forever start-time now

track 10 rtr 1000

ip route dialer 10 (dsl int)

ip route dialer 10 track 10 (if track is ok all traffic to will go from the vpn)

ip route dialer 20 200 (ISDN backup int )

hope this helps


Re: Backup Link using only static routing

Why don't you use dynamic routing such as EIGRP?

THis can solve the problem by having the primary interface with higher bandwidth and the DSL interface with lower bandwidth. Therefore, you will be using the first link as primary and the other secondary.


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