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Backup route question

Hi All,

trust you all are well. Its been a while ...:)

I'm busy moving clients from one router to another. They are all on E1's on and currently on a C3640 router. This router also has the ISDN backup infrastructure on should the client connection to us drop, it dials up via ISDN backup to this router. In other words every serial interface has a backup configured to a dialer interface.


I have configured the clients on a NEW router - c7206. I'm ready to do the cutover BUT I am worried about the backup routes.

How would I conf the 7200 with a floating static to the dialers configured on the 3640?

Hope this all makes sense.




Re: Backup route question


You can use floating static routes to achieve this.

Connect the 3640 router to the 7206.

Add a primary route on the 7206 pointing to the E1.

Add a floating static route with a higher AD pointing to the 3640.

WHen the link fails, the 7206 would sense this and start forwarding the traffic towards the 3640 where it will match the dialer list and dial out

HTH, rate if it does


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Re: Backup route question

What would the route statement be on the 7200 then?

ip route 250

Would this be how I would impliment it and the existing routing on the 3640 to the dialer interfaces created?

Re: Backup route question

the next hop should be the interface IP which will be connecting to the 3640


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Re: Backup route question

So basically my route statement should read something like ...

ip route

The 3600 in turn would then know what to do with this route as I have the route below on it as a backup

ip route Dialer2 240 name

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