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Backup with Router 2800 ADSL/WIC1T


I have 2lines on my router :

ADSL and T1.

I want that when the T1 lost connection the backup lines ADSL start.

I have SDM v2.3.2.

And i don't know how do this backup.

In advance thanks !!

this is urgently Please


Re: Backup with Router 2800 ADSL/WIC1T


You have to use floating static routes for this.

Just add another static route with higher metric pointing to the ADSL link.

When the T1 goes down, the default static route will be removed from the routing table and the floating static route pointing to the ADSL will come up.

When the T1 is restored back, routing will be reverted back to the original static route pointing to the T1 link.


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Re: Backup with Router 2800 ADSL/WIC1T

Thank you very much for your speedly.!!

In my conf i have this command line :

ip route serial0/2/0

What i must add? Please

Re: Backup with Router 2800 ADSL/WIC1T


If you could provide the full config( excluding the sensitive information) it would have been helpfull to assist you.

However here is a sketch on what needs to be done.

You should add another route like this.

ip route 200

The 200 at the end above the command indicates the metric and by specifying this, the above route becomes a floating static route. It will not take effect, as long as your Serial0/2/0 is up. When the link fails on serial0/2/0, this route will take effect as a backup route.

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