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Balencing traffic to an X.25 network

i have the topology shown at the attached file.

the site is connected to the X.25 network using 3 links of 2Mbps each.

I have to use only the 1st one, if broken than the 2nd next the 3rd.. but once the first fixed it have to balence automaticly.

i mean that the paths should have priority in use. the first the second if broken then the third.

the best reply will be rated ;)

thx for your help


Re: Balencing traffic to an X.25 network

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Re: Balencing traffic to an X.25 network

Which route protocol you are using?

You can use ospf priority , the first is highest, second is higher.

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Re: Balencing traffic to an X.25 network

so, if i choose ospf as a routing protocol that can solve the probleme??

i don't need to configure something in the remote that the remote can try to dial the failed X25 link??

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Re: Balencing traffic to an X.25 network

how did they connect to you right now?

I think there is a LAN behind those three cisco 1700 routers. And maybe those routers set up a HSRP, so that the first one down will use the second and the third. In each router , just use static route to connect to you, Is that right?

If so, in your router, config three static route to those three cisco17, but they have diffence distant, to the first one is small , the second is higher, the third is highest. So , traffic will use the first Link and when it down use the second, and third.

When the first Link up , will reuse the first.

that is the way you do not change the remote config.(but the config you're using right now must same as I said)

Or , you can enable ospf in all the routers, but you must reconfig the remote routers.

If the remote lan is not a simple LAN, maybe there is a 3Layer switch behind the cisco17, you need check the config in the 3-layer switch.

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